Learn more about your Prakriti

Our constitution of Prakriti is the ratio or interplay of the three doshas that we have since birth. It Prakriti is our true nature and will never change throughout our entire lifetime. It is derived from our unique combination of the three doshas. Predominance or passiveness as a combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, together defines the Prakriti.

Ayurvedic practitioners begin their therapy by first understanding the Prakriti of the seeker. This would be established by taking your pulse, possibly observing your tongue and an overall assessment of your physical characteristics (done just by observing you) and also as a self-analysis test with questions such as the ones below.

The questions below will give you an overview of your Prakriti. However, for a personal consultation, it is best to visit/meet an Ayurvedic practitioner.