Dr. Harshad Shah

Principal Ayurveda Practitioner & Advisory Chairman

With a practice of over 35 years, Dr Harshad has treated more than 3.5 million patients and counting. A maestro in Ayurveda, his knowledge base is strong with 800 ancient scriptures memorised (kanthasth in Sanskrit) at the back of his mind. Qualified as a gold medalist BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery), he is one of the few Ayurvedic practitioners in the country to be recognised with an Honorary Degree (M.R.C.G.P.: Member of Royal College of General Practitioners) from Royal College, London. He has been felicitated by several government institutions and dignitaries globally.

He is the principal formula scientist at the company and has developed most of the formulations we offer in Earthveda Healthcare. As a disciplined practitioner, Dr. Shah follows an early morning routine to practice Yoga, Pranayama and prescribes the same to wellness seekers.

Mr. Jinang Shah

Managing Partner & Bio-Scientist

A passionate and driven revivalist of Ayurveda, Mr. Jinang, brings the global vision of Earthveda to the company. He is a renowned Bio-Scientist with dual masters degree in Biotechnology (Human Genome) and an MBA in International Business Management.

At Earthveda, he is responsible to bring intense R&D and state-of-the-art technology solutions to the company — to support scaling up and making Ayurveda available across the globe at affordable prices. He believes good healthcare is for everyone, which helps him strive to make the product with highest quality and at best prices. He is also brings best practices of sustainability, fair-trade, CSR and ethical business to the company. His knowledge of extracts and scientific formulation helps in maintaining quality with a consistent result. His vision has brought a one-of-kind practice in Ayurveda — to develop region specific formulations to make the therapy more relevant to geographies, climate and cultural influences.

Working since the age of 21, Mr. Shah is a serial entrepreneur and an avid traveller. His travel across 25 nations inspired him to take Ayurveda to the world. Besides Earthveda, he runs a real-estate company in India with a disciplined routine for fitness, meditation and balancing his lifestyle.