Earthveda Wellness Practitioner account is ideal for those who wish to prescribe our formulations to wellness seekers. This system is designed to help you retail our products through your practice.

Such orders shall receive a special discount or benefit on retail prices depending on the size of the order. If this describes you and your business, partner with us to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. We truly value partnering with Wellness Practitioners who evangelize the practice of Ayurveda.

As additional support, we also provide:

  • Marketing materials. Such as educational handouts, Product catalogs that explain the philosophy and R&D behind our products.
  • Practitioner Support. Our team is readily available to answer queries regarding supplements, formulations, quality and benefits of our products.

How To Get an Earthveda Wellness Practitioner Account?

All Wellness Practitioner account holders must run a business or practice. Proof of professional credentials are required when applying.

Required: Tax ID (EIN/FEIN or Social Security number)

One or more of the following is also required:

  • Health practitioner’s license or certificate – Ayurveda, LMT, MD, DO and so on.
  • Business license
  • Sellers permit

Fill the following to get your Practitioner Account Started.

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